Risperdal Settlements and Associated Lawsuits

risperdal-settlementJohnson & Johnson have made some Risperdal settlements so far. Cumulatively, the Risperdal settlements run into the billions. Several other pending settlements are waiting to be paid out.

Johnson & Johnson are facing lawsuits regarding the adverse side effects associated with Risperdal and the corporation’s unethical marketing tactics for the drug. So far, settlements to both effects have been made by the company.

Risperdal Settlements for Marketing Misconduct

According to a former sales manager of the corporation, Johnson & Johnson never took time to get the FDA approval required to market Risperdal for use by children. The approval previously given by the FDA was in regard to adult treatment of Schizophrenia. The corporation still went ahead to market Risperdal as an efficient drug to manage psychotic conditions in children.

In a trial recently held in Pennsylvania, a manager stated that Johnson and Johnson started marketing Risperdal to children in 2003, three years before it got clearance from the FDA in treating autism irritability in children.

The Corporation was also accused of issuing payments to physicians to speak favorably of Risperdal. Incentives have also been paid out to any party in a position to effectively market the drug to a wider target group.

Soon enough, consumer protection regulators in 36 states filed separate lawsuits against the corporation citing misconduct in marketing and advertisement of Risperdal. Johnson & Johnson settled with $181 million.

Another multi-billion settlement with the federal government awaits settlement. The lawsuit is because of the aggressive nature of the marketing strategy used by Johnson & Johnson for Risperdal.

Other settled Lawsuits in other courts include $257.7 million paid out because of Medicaid fraud and misleading the public and regulators about Risperdal’s efficacy. The amount for the Risperdal settlement was decided by a Louisiana jury.

Johnson & Johnson also paid out $1.2 billion to the State of Arkansas for improper marketing tactics; to the State of Texas, it paid out $158million shortly after settling in Arkansas.

In South Carolina, Johnson & Johnson paid out $327 due to its marketing letters sent out to doctors overstating the safety of its drug Risperdal.

History of Risperdal Settlements for Side Effects

On the first day of a trial in a Pennsylvania State Court, Johnson & Johnson paid out a Risperdal settlement with an undisclosed amount to Aaron Banks who suffered psychological trauma due to Risperdal side effects. This settlement was done in September 2012. The allegations in the case stated that Aaron was treated with Risperdal from the age of 9 and 13. He was later diagnosed with gynecomastia. Gynecomastia is a side effect of Risperdal where the breast tissue develops in males causing them to grow beasts akin to that of women.

The Risperdal cases involving Gynecomastia complications are currently in various litigation stages.

Recently, the Attorney General for the State of Kentucky announced a lawsuit alleging that Johnson & Johnson did not inform the public about the Risperdal’s side effects such as diabetes, weight gain, gynecomastia and stroke.

Another boy filed a lawsuit against Janssen and won compensation in Philadelphia. His case was among a group of cases that settled. He underwent a double mastectomy because of his continued use of Risperdal.

Andrew also developed mammary glands after Risperdal was prescribed to manage Asperger’s Syndrome. At the time the drug was prescribed, it was not yet approved by the FDA for use in children. The defendants claimed that breast development was normal during puberty in boys. The Jury disagreed and they had to settle. It is hardly normal for a boy to undergo mastectomy due to breast growth even during puberty.

Over 420 Risperdal lawsuits have been filed touching on gynecomastia. These individual lawsuits are asking for hefty sums of money because they claim that mastectomies or surgery of the breast tissue is required to stop the breast tissue from growing.

Individual Risperdal Settlements

Risperdal-settlement-moneyOften times, individuals affected by products and drugs such as the Risperdal case requires that they file their own individual lawsuit in order to get compensated for physical and emotional injuries. The financial compensation goes a long way in catering for past present and future medical bills and fees for psychological therapy sessions.

Other damages that are awarded compensation include loss of wage for parents who took time off their jobs to take care of their son who probably suffered gynecomastia and may have had a mastectomy as a result.

Two bellwether lawsuits regarding Risperdal were finally settled by Johnson & Johnson. Six confidential settlements were made in October 2012 to plaintiffs in the bellwether Risperdal lawsuits. The settlements were prompted by subpoenas requiring J&J CEO Alex Gorsky to testify in the first three cases. The former FDA commissioner, David Kessler was also to testify in several other cases. This would have revealed a lot of information that J&J kept confidential at the time.

The Importance of the Risperdal Settlements

Filing for a lawsuit such as the Risperdal lawsuit also draws the attention of the public thus preventing further damages arising from continued use of the drug amongst the rest of the populace.

Drug manufacturers are also brought to justice through the filing of a lawsuit. The Risperdal settlements have impacted on the economy of Johnson & Johnson and it is no doubt that they will reconsider selling unverified and untested drugs to the public in future.

Lawsuits and settlements create room for the award of punitive damages against the manufacturers. Juries may be compelled to fine companies responsible for a faulty drug through punitive damages. The Risperdal case is one such case but it such damages vary depending with the case and other factors.

Considering the emerging cases of how Johnson & Johnson aggressively marketed Risperdal to troubled children so as to increase sales, more lawsuits should be filed in order to make them reconsider carrying out such unethical marketing gimmicks on a population that is hardly aware of the dangers posed to their health and well-being.

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